giovedì 19 novembre 2015

Reuniting Families / Deportation back to Iraq from Estonia

Estonian detention centres are keeping refugees whom find it difficult to decide what is their best interest. Many controversial information is going on regarding the understanding of freedom of movement, or what happens with the fingerprint processes. In this short video conversation Anni Säär, Legal Expert in the Refugee Legal Aid Clinic - talks about the legal procedure and what ...are the main issues that can result in deportation.
We also discuss a particular case, that is a very urgent one. Tomorrow, on the 17th November is the last day for an Iraq-i family to decide about whether they apply for asylum or not. If they don't apply, the are facing deportation on Tuesday back to Iraq. The flight tickets are already prepared by the Estonian Government. Their only chance to stay in Europe if they apply for asylum in Estonia - which they didn't want so far, because the other part of their family is in Finland and they wish to be reunited with them and to apply for the asylum there. Legally they can ask for changing the country after they applied for asylum, but the success of the case is questionable.
Listen carefully, and let us know your questions.
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